Meaning Of samasya Ka Matlab English

Suggested Words

Word Meaning in English Usage of word
समस्या ( samasya ) CASE ( Noun ) it was a case of bad judgment
समस्या ( samasya ) SITUATION ( Noun ) the present international situation is dangerous
समस्या ( samasya ) FOUL UP ( Verb )
समस्या ( samasya ) AFFAIR ( Noun ) the party was quite an affair
समस्या ( samasya ) JOB ( Noun ) estimates of the citys loss on that job ranged as high as a million dollars
समस्या ( samasya ) PROPOSITION ( Noun ) Collecting of crime news is a bit proposition to the reuters.

Other Suggested Words

QUIVER तुणीर( Noun ) तुम्हारे तुणीर के आखरी बाण तक मैं तुम्हारे सामने डटा रहूँगा
DOWN ज़मीन पर गिरा देना( Verb ) you have four downs to gain ten yards
PRODUCTION उत्पाद( Noun )
HAIL FROM उत्पति होना( Verb )
CENTRAL THAI सेंट्रल थाई( Noun )

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