Suggested Words

Word Meaning in English Usage of word
सादृश्य ( sadaRashy ) APPROXIMATION ( Noun ) newspapers gave only an approximation of the actual events
निकटता ( nikaTata ) APPROXIMATION ( Noun ) Statistical approximations help planning a scheme.

Other Suggested Words

LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH दान की बछिया के दाँत गिनना( Verb )
RHYME तुकबंदी करना( Verb ) You can rhyme girl with curl.
UNFURNISHED साज सामान से रहित( Adjective ) an unfurnished apartment
PRESIDENT कार्यकारी व्यवस्थापक( Noun ) address your remarks to the chairperson
OUTLANDISHLY विचित्र ढंग से( Adverb ) the Bavarian was outlandishly dressed in lederhosen

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