Meaning Of udasin Ka Matlab English

Suggested Words

Word Meaning in English Usage of word
उदासीन ( udasin ) INSENSITIVE ( Adjective ) insensitive to radiation
उदासीन ( udasin ) INCURIOUS ( Adjective ) you seem very incurious about it.
उदासीन ( udasin ) APATHETIC ( Adjective ) They are totally apathetic towards world affairs.
उदासीन ( udasin ) PULP ( Noun ) Pulp fiction was old at low prices at the book fair.
उदासीन ( udasin ) DISPIRITED ( Adjective ) He wore a dispirited expression in her face.
उदासीन ( udasin ) DISPIRITING ( Verb ) She wore a rather dispiriting expression in her face.

Other Suggested Words

CONCILIATION समाधान( Noun ) there was a brief period of conciliation but the fighting soon resumed
SHAMMER ढोंगी( Noun )
PIT A PIT धड़धड़ाते हुए( Noun )
DISK DRIVE डाटा संग्रहण इकाई( noun ) आतंरिक डाटा संग्रहण इकाई सबसे प्रसिद्ध डाटा संग्रहण इकाई हैं।
WASHING MACHINE वाशिंग मशीन( Noun )

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