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बल ( bal ) BALL ( Noun ) वह वस्तु पर बल लगा रहा है।
बल ( bal ) PRESSURE ( Noun ) the compressed gas exerts an increased pressure
बल ( bal ) KINK ( Noun ) there are still a few kinks to iron out
बल ( bal ) NERVE ( Noun )
बाल ( bal ) COAT ( Noun )
बल ( bal ) THRUST ( Noun ) He enlivened his editorials with barbed thrusts at politicians.

Other Suggested Words

STRAGGLE से अलग हो जाना( Verb ) After the death of his father his family straggled.
SKETCH रेखाचित्र( Noun ) he made several studies before starting to paint
COCK ROACH तिल चट्टा( Noun ) मेरी पत्नी रसोई में तिल-चट्टा देख कर एकदम डर जाती है.
SO CALLED तथाकथित( Adjective ) तथाकथित रूप से अपहृत व्यवसायी घर वापस लौटा
BELLE सुन्दरी( Noun ) Belles from various countries participated in the beauty event.

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