Meaning Of सुधार In English

Suggested Words

Word Meaning in English Usage of word
सुधार ( sudhar ) BETTER ( Noun ) a change for the better
सुधार ( sudhar ) CONVERSION ( Noun ) Her conversion to christianity is critisized by everyone.
सुधार ( sudhar ) RALLY ( Noun ) he singled to start a rally in the 9th inning
सुधार ( sudhar ) UPGRADE ( Noun ) I got an upgrade to first class when coach class was full
सुधार ( sudhar ) PICK UP ( Verb )
सुधार ( sudhar ) UPTURN ( Noun ) This years sale of greeting cards took an upturn.

Other Suggested Words

MATEY मित्रवत( Adjective )
GO TO PIECES टूटना( Verb )
DITTO दोहराना( Verb )
DESERT PLANT शुष्कतानुकूली पादप( Noun )
SCULPUTURE मूर्तिकला( Noun ) The techniques of sculpture in stone were described by the sculptor

सुधार Meaning in English सुधार का अंग्रेजी मतलब- Translate of सुधार in English- myHindiEnglish

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