Meaning Of सीधा In English

Suggested Words

Word Meaning in English Usage of word
सीधा ( sidha ) UNBENT ( Verb )
सीधा ( sidha ) PLUMB ( Noun )
सीधा ( sidha ) FULL ( Noun )
सीधा ( sidha ) UNDEVIATING ( Adjective )
सीधा ( sidha ) FAIR ( Noun ) world fair
सीधा ( sidha ) STRAIGHTWAY ( Adverb ) straightway the clouds began to scatter

Other Suggested Words

IRRITATING उत्तेजक( Verb )
GRIND पीसना( Verb ) We grind chilly in the mixer grinder.
MEDICATED दवा युक्त( Adjective ) The drink was medicated to put him to sleep.

सीधा Meaning in English सीधा का अंग्रेजी मतलब- Translate of सीधा in English- myHindiEnglish

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