Meaning Of लाभ In English

Suggested Words

Word Meaning in English Usage of word
लाभ ( labh ) GAIN ( Noun ) His business is bringing him a lot of gains.
लाभ ( labh ) ADVANTAGE ( Noun ) the experience gave him the advantage over me
लाभ ( labh ) BENEFIT ( Noun ) for the benefit of all
लाभ ( labh ) GEARING ( Noun ) the fool got his tie caught in the geartrain
लाभ ( labh ) INTEREST ( Noun ) an interest in music
लाभ ( labh ) BOOT ( Noun )

Other Suggested Words

ADVANCE विचार या सुझाव देना( Verb ) The corporation has advanced a new policy for regularising illegal constructions.
ZYGOMORPHIC एकव्यास सममितीय( Adjective )
CASHIERS CHEQUE कोषाध्यक्ष द्वारा जारी किया चेक( Noun )
BENT समलिंगकामी( Noun ) the set of his mind was obvious
BUT सिवाय( Adverb )

लाभ Meaning in English लाभ का अंग्रेजी मतलब- Translate of लाभ in English- myHindiEnglish

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