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अवपथन ( avapathan ) DERAILMENT ( Noun )
कह्ना ( kahna ) SAY ( Verb ) let him have his say
इंजन/कार आदि में आगे की रोशनी ( inajan/kar Adi men Age ki roshani ) HEADLIGHT ( Noun ) रात में इंजिन की"headlight" जलना जरूरी है.
हेरफेर ( herapher ) VICISSITUDE ( Noun ) the project was subject to the usual vicissitudes of exploratory research
जनभिप्राय ( janabhipray ) VOTE ( Noun ) there were only 17 votes in favor of the motion
लागू ( lagu ) INVOKED ( Verb ) When the FINAL is invoked. जब FINAL लागू किया जाता है|
तेजी ( teji ) GALLOP ( Noun )
कड़ा/कठोर ( kaDDa/kaThor ) STARK ( Adverb ) We all have to face stark realities of life.
काम का ( kam ka ) USEFUL ( Adjective ) the girl felt motherly and useful
चतुष्कोण टंक खंड ( chatuShkoN Tanak khanaD ) QUAD ( Noun )